Who you are and why this will help you

You may be a young Indian woman, starting your independent life, raring to go and create a path for yourself..

Or, you may be in the “peak”, trying to stay afloat with all kinds of responsibilities pulling you in all directions..

Or, you may be staring at the soon to be empty nest, wondering what next…

This newsletter is for all of you.. For, we, the New Indian Women, have so much to learn from each other - to adapt, to be aware, to have agency and to make informed choices…without forgetting to have fun and enjoy our life.

Why New Indian Woman?

  • We, the Indian Woman of today, have a lot more opportunities, access to information, people, places, finance and overall exposure, much more than our mother and grandmothers had.

  • On the other hand,  in today's fast paced world, we have much more complex challenges, be it on the family or work front apart from parenting, primary care giving and just the mental load of keeping track of everything that goes into running a family.

  • The demand is more, from all sides, and from ourselves.

Why subscribe?

Through this monthly newsletter, it is my humble attempt to share some insights, bring attention to certain topics, tips for some other topics and from many more women! These will be on topics ranging from productivity, work and home management, parenting, aspirations and opportunities - these will be ACTIONABLE and more importantly, set in the Indian context.

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About me

I am Krishna and I host the New Indian Woman podcast which has episodes on similar topics wherein I share actionable strategies and chat with women who inspire and help us learn more. If you find links to certain episodes of this podcast, don’t feel surprised! I do hope you enjoy reading and find this useful. I invite you to subscribe to the New Indian Woman podcast thru your favourite podcast app.

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Continuously trying to find more opportunities, to learn more Quite interested in the area of productivity and ways to do what I love to do and have fun